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European Merchants in the Medieval Indies Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 25
ISBN: 9781611438789
Pub Date: 23 Apr 2014
Imprint: Gorgias Press
Series: Analecta Gorgiana
Commercial sources on journeying to the east after Marco Polo; the gradual closing of trade between Italy and China or India under the hostile or defensive rulers of the lands in between.
Adventures in Good Cooking Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 392
ISBN: 9780813144689
Pub Date: 27 Mar 2014
Imprint: University Press of Kentucky
Kentucky native and national tastemaker Duncan Hines (1880--1959) published his first cookbook, Adventures in Good Cooking, in 1939 at the age of fifty-nine. This best-selling collection featured recipes from select restaurants across the country as well as crowd-pleasing family favorites, and it helped to raise the standard for home cooking in America. Filled with succulent treats, from the Waldorf-Astoria's Chicken Fricassee to the Oeufs a la Russe served at Antoine's Restaurant in New Orleans to Mrs. Hines's own Christmas Nut Cake, this book includes classic recipes from top chefs and home cooks alike. Featuring a new introduction by Hines biographer Louis Hatchett and a valuable guide to the art of carving, this classic cookbook serves up a satisfying slice of twentieth-century Americana, direct from the kitchen of one of the nation's most trusted names in food. Now a new generation of cooks can enjoy and share these delectable dishes with family and friends.
Stories from the Field Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
ISBN: 9781920143770
Pub Date: 15 Mar 2014
Imprint: 30 Degrees South Publishers
The benefit of teaching life skills is that I also changed. If I can make a difference in the life of just one child, I will be happy’ When we think about Africa, we often recall pictures of a wild countryside, rivers, forests, deserts, buzzing markets and media stories of poverty, devastation and hunger – a prime continent where branches of human justice are still thin and often absent. Those of us who have made Africa our destination are witness to a different experience as we meet people who charter a life of resilience and construct a social world of their own. Extended family ties stretch far and deep and so do family feuds, political turmoil and the many manifestations of poverty – painting a human canvas on which development programmes (including sport-for-development) need to blend in strokes for reciprocal change. The GIZ/YDF programme is possibly one of the most significant programmes in terms of philosophy, methodology and scope that sheds light on development work as it is embraced, transformed and assimilated into real-life experiences. It is at this embedded level of social uptake that the selected 15 stories in the text and the detailed 45 stories on the CD articulate real-life experiences as told by programme participants, peer- educators and YDF partners who took up the responsibility and challenge to change lives for the better. Multiple voices give an expression to the meaning and dynamics of sports-related interventions as they affect individuals within a myriad of social relationships and contexts. The uniqueness of this publication is that it not only captures all these voices to constitute stories from nine African countries, but validates a ripple of impact where context is a prism for seeing and knowing. How do real people see and benefit from a sport-for-development programme? How does the North meet the South in partnership and trust? After reading these stories, you will not merely see young boys or girls kicking a ball and appreciate the novel aesthetics, but you will smell the dust and know it is a family and community at play. You will realise that aspirations and expectations are born from a need for entitlement in a field where the pitch is only the beginning of a journey. May this brief encounter do justice to all who shared their lives with such honesty and hope.
From The Press Box Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
ISBN: 9781909718159
Pub Date: 01 Mar 2014
Imprint: Liberties Press
In From the Press Box, Peter Byrne gives the reader a ringside seat to the key sporting clashes of the past seventy years, beginning with the Republic of Ireland's historic match against England at Dalymount Park in 1948 (which was followed by a state reception for the England team, hosted by Taoiseach Eamon de Valera) and ending with the crowning of Kilkenny as All-Ireland hurling champions in 2012. Byrne writes superbly on all of Ireland's sporting heroes of recent times, including greats such as Ronnie Delaney, Roy Keane and Brian O'Driscoll. All the major sports are covered, from Gaelic football, hurling and soccer to athletics, rugby and cricket. Relive the high points of Ireland's sporting history in the presence of one of this country's master sportswriters, a forty-year veteran of the Irish Times who was also a regular contributor to the Daily Telegraph and the News of the World. From the Press Box features a foreword by legendary distance runner Sonia O'Sullivan.
Barely Surviving or More than Enough? Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 298
ISBN: 9789088901997
Pub Date: 04 Dec 2013
Imprint: Sidestone Press
How people produced or acquired their food in the past is one of the main questions in archaeology. Everyone needs food to survive, so the ways in which people managed to acquire it forms the very basis of human existence. Farming was key to the rise of human sedentarism. Once farming moved beyond subsistence, and regularly produced a surplus, it supported the development of specialisation, speeded up the development of socio-economic as well as social complexity, the rise of towns and the development of city states. In short, studying food production is of critical importance in understanding how societies developed.Environmental archaeology often studies the direct remains of food or food processing, and is therefore well-suited to address this topic. What is more, a wealth of new data has become available in this field of research in recent years. This allows synthesising research with a regional and diachronic approach.Indeed, most of the papers in this volume offer studies on subsistence and surplus production with a wide geographical perspective. The research areas vary considerably, ranging from the American Mid-South to Turkey. The range in time periods is just as wide, from c. 7000 BC to the 16th century AD. Topics covered include foraging strategies, the combination of domestic and wild food resources in the Neolithic, water supply, crop specialisation, the effect of the Roman occupation on animal husbandry, town-country relationships and the monastic economy. With this collection of papers and the theoretical framework presented in the introductory chapter, we wish to demonstrate that the topic of subsistence and surplus production remains of interest, and promises to generate more exciting research in the future.
Cyrenaica Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 368
ISBN: 9781900971140
Pub Date: 01 May 2013
Imprint: Silphium Press
This is the second volume in this series, which was launched to great acclaim in 2009. Cyrenaica (known to the Arabs as the Jabal Akhdar, the Green Mountain) has a terrain which resembles that of Greece or western Turkey. It was settled at an early date by Greeks and subsequently was part of the Roman and Byzantine empires before the advent of the Arabs. Each of these civilisations has left its mark on the landscape, not only at the locations of the major cities on the coast, but also at a host of lesser towns and villages whose ruins still dot the countryside. All are described and explained in a comprehensive gazetteer.- Historical background, from prehistory until the Italian invasion in 1911- Regional maps, site plans, drawings and reconstructions of individual buildings- Museum layout plans and guides to displays- Navigating instructions, with GPS coordinates for most sites- Lavish photography in colour
Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9780813141657
Pub Date: 22 Mar 2013
Imprint: University Press of Kentucky
On May 4, 1964, Congress designated bourbon as a distinctive product of the United States, and it remains the only spirit produced in this country to enjoy such protection. Its history stretches back almost to the founding of the nation and includes many colorful characters, both well known and obscure, from the hatchet-wielding prohibitionist Carry Nation to George Garvin Brown, who in 1872 created Old Forester, the first bourbon to be sold only by the bottle. Although obscured by myth, the history of bourbon reflects the history of our nation. Historian Michael R. Veach reveals the true story of bourbon in Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. Starting with the Whiskey Rebellion of the 1790s, he traces the history of this unique beverage through the Industrial Revolution, the Civil War, Prohibition, the Great Depression, and up to the present. Veach explores aspects of bourbon that have been ignored by others, including the technology behind its production, the effects of the Pure Food and Drug Act, and how Prohibition contributed to the Great Depression. The myths surrounding bourbon are legion, but Veach separates fact from legend. While the true origin of the spirit may never be known for certain, he proposes a compelling new theory. With the explosion of super-premium bourbons and craft distilleries and the establishment of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, interest in bourbon has never been higher. Veach shines a light on its pivotal place in our national heritage, presenting the most complete and wide-ranging history of bourbon available.
Arabia: The Cradle of Islam Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 490
ISBN: 9781617196386
Pub Date: 03 Jan 2013
Imprint: Gorgias Press
This book describes the Arabian peninsula on the eve of the First World War.
Without Having Seen the Queen Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 212
ISBN: 9789088900877
Pub Date: 31 Dec 2012
Imprint: Sidestone Press
Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890), a shrewd trader and later in life one of the best known archaeologists of the 19th century, made many travels around the world. He recorded his experiences in several diaries. This publication is a transcription and translation of Schliemann's first travel diary: his European journey in the winter of 1846/47. This journey was his first as a commercial trader and through the diary he kept we get to know Heinrich Schliemann more as a tourist and human being than as a trader. From his new residence in Moscow he travelled to London and Paris and via Berlin back to St. Petersburg. He writes with admiration and amazement about buildings and the emerging industrialization, while indirectly he offers us a glimpse of the poverty and filthiness of that time. He describes his visits to amongst others the theatre, the British Museum, the Champs Elysées, and the Louvre. Besides the many pleasant experiences, he also mentions negative aspects such as the theft of his hat and the seasickness that plagued him during every one of his sea voyages. The original diary was written in English and French and for a small part in Italian. "Without having seen the Queen" comprises an introduction to the diary, a transcription of the diary, and a full English translation with annotations. This publication unlocks Schliemann's first travelogue and presents a unique view of his life before rising to fame as the discoverer of Troy.
Travels with Bertha Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781907593420
Pub Date: 01 Nov 2012
Imprint: Liberties Press
Before the economy forced Ireland's youth to look to countries afar, Paul Martin made the decision to get out of a mundane job and 'see the world' throughout the 1990s. Thus began the adventure of a lifetime that took him 30,000 kilometers through Australia in a 1978 Ford Falcon station wagon.   In August 2011 it was reported that the number of Irish people who received working holiday visas for Australia increased by nearly 50 per cent compared to the previous year. In the current economic climate, Australia seems to be the destination of choice for the many recently emigrated Irish. With their tendency to stay in main cities, particularly Sydney, how much of Australia do they really see?   Travels with Bertha is the story of the real Australia. Extending a one-year working holiday visa into thirty months, Paul lived the colorful, precarious and occasionally solitary life of a 'backpacker' in various locations throughout Australia, traveling extensively through every State and Territory in Australia including a trip across the Bass Straits to Tasmania. In this and two other journeys across the continent, he traveled (and slept) in Bertha, encountering many fascinating characters (including the Queensland drug dealer-turned-miner who had blown off all his fingers in repeated work accidents; the Adelaide Aborigine whose Irish uncle, in revenge for Captain Cook, claimed the territory of Britain for Australia from the top of Big Ben; the ex-alcoholic in Tasmania who relayed that his bipolar condition could be traced back to his direct ancestor, King George III; the dying man in the Kimberleys who had witnessed a haunting aboriginal dance gathering in 1925...) and much of Australia’s hidden history and landscape.   Travels With Bertha is the perfect book for not only those planning on or dreaming about visiting Australia, but also those who have returned and want to relive their years Down Under. A lighthearted travel book with strong historical content, Travels With Bertha details Paul Martin’s two years spent traveling through the startling beauty of this most fascinating of continents in a 1978 Ford Falcon station wagon. Guaranteed to give you itchy feet!
Hidden in Plain Sight Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 264
ISBN: 9780819572813
Pub Date: 01 Jun 2012
Imprint: Wesleyan University Press
In the course of the mundane routines of life, we encounter a variety of landscapes and objects, either ignoring them or looking without interest at what appears to be just a tree, stone, anonymous building, or dirt road. But the "deep traveler," according to Hartford Courant essayist David K. Leff, doesn't make this mistake. Instead, the commonplace elements become the most important. By learning to see the magic in the mundane, we not only enrich daily life with a sense of place, we are more likely to protect and make those places better. Over his many years working at the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and writing about the state's landscape, Leff gained unparalleled intimacy while traveling its byways and back roads. In Hidden in Plain Sight, Leff's essays and photographs take us on a point-by-point journey, revealing the rich stories behind many of Connecticut's overlooked landmarks, from the Merritt Parkway and Cornwall's Cathedral Pines to roadside rock art and centuries-old milestones.
The Travels of Rabbi Petachia of Ratisbon Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 117
ISBN: 9781611439113
Pub Date: 14 Mar 2012
Imprint: Gorgias Press
Series: Kiraz Historic Travels Archive
This text narrates the travels of Rabbi Petachia, a medieval rabbi from Regensburg, Germany, who set out to visit Baghdad, Susa, and Palestine.
Travellers in Turkish Libya 1551-1911 Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
ISBN: 9781900971133
Pub Date: 31 Dec 2011
Imprint: Silphium Press
From Tripoli to the ancient ruins of Leptis Magna, from the slave markets to the farthest reaches of the Sahara: here is a mosaic of unknown places, handed down to us by the foreign visitors and travellers who experienced them first hand over four centuries (1550-1911). European consuls (and their sisters and wives), archaeologists, explorers, sailors and colonisers have all left colourful accounts of their Libyan experiences: the bustle of the suqs and gossip of the harem, the terrors of slavery, the endless, parched caravan marches across the desert and the characters they met along the way. Almost fifty contributors bring a fresh perspective to a country that has fascinated foreigners for millenia.
Lord Byron’s Oriental World Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9781463201579
Pub Date: 13 Dec 2011
Imprint: Gorgias Press
Series: Gorgias Ottoman Travelers
The book is a collection of eleven articles written by the author about Lord Byron’s personal and literary involvement in Oriental life and creativity. Byron’s genuine Oriental scholarship provides the platform upon which the articles are based. The authentic images of the East and the West in Byron’s Oriental tales and some of his major works, Don Juan and Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, are analyzed to expose the influences of both worlds on his personal life and career.
Missionary Researches in Armenia Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 554
ISBN: 9781611436037
Pub Date: 27 Sep 2011
Imprint: Gorgias Press
Series: Syriac Studies Library
The present work is the travelogue compiled from the notes and letters of Eli Smith and Harrison Dwight who traveled to the Middle East to interact with Armenian Christians in the early nineteenth-century.
Reise in Syrien und Mesopotamien Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 535
ISBN: 9781611436082
Pub Date: 27 Sep 2011
Imprint: Gorgias Press
Series: Syriac Studies Library
The present volume is the travelogue of Eduard Sachau, who visited various sites throughout the Middle East in 1879-80. Sachau focuses primarily on issues pertaining to topography and geography.