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Shades of Green Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 375
ISBN: 9781909686779
Pub Date: 30 Sep 2016
Imprint: Windgather Press
Sitka spruce has contributed to the Pacific Coast landscapes of North America for over ten millennia. For the Tlingit First Nationit is the most important tree in terms of spiritual relationships, art, and products in daily use such as canoes, containers, fish-traps and sweet cakes. Since the late nineteenth century it has also been the most important tree to the timber industry of west coast North America. This book takes a fresh look at Sitka spruce in Britain and Ireland, explaining the reasons it was introduced and why it became ubiquitous in the archipelagos of north-west Europe. The historical background to the modern use of Sitka spruce is explored. The lack of cultural reference may explain negative public response when tree-less uplands in the UK and reland were afforested with introduced conifer species, particularly Sitka spruce, following two World Wars. The multi-purpose forestry of today recognises that Sitka spruce is the most important tree to the timber industry and to a public which uses its many products but fails to recognise the link between growing trees and bought goods. The apparently featureless and wildlife-less Sitka spruce plantations in UK uplands are gradually developing recognisable ecological features. Sitka spruce has the potential to form temperate rainforests this century as well as to produce much-needed goods for society. The major contribution of Sitka spruce to landscapes and livelihoods in western North America is, by contrast, widely accepted. But conserving natural, old-growth forests, sustaining the needs of First Nations, and producing materials for the modern timber industry will be an intricate task.
Venerable Trees Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 288
ISBN: 9780813165660
Pub Date: 23 Oct 2015
Imprint: University Press of Kentucky
When the first settlers arrived in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, they found an astonishing landscape of open woodland grazed by vast herds of bison. Farmers quickly replaced the bison with cattle, sheep, and horses, but left many of the trees to shade their pastures. Today, central Kentucky and central Tennessee still boast one of the largest populations of presettlement trees in the nation, found in both rural and urban areas. In Venerable Trees: History, Biology, and Conservation in the Bluegrass, Tom Kimmerer showcases the beauty, age, size, and splendor of these ancient trees and the remaining woodland pastures. Documenting the distinctive settlement history that allowed for their preservation, Kimmerer explains the biology of Bluegrass trees and explores the reasons why they are now in danger. He also reveals the dedication and creativity of those fighting to conserve these remarkable three-hundred- to five-hundred-year-old plants -- from innovative, conscientious developers who build around them rather than clearing the land to farmers who use lightning rods to protect them from natural disasters. Featuring more than one hundred color photographs, this beautifully illustrated book offers guidelines for conserving ancient trees worldwide while educating readers about their life cycle. Venerable Trees is an informative call to understand the challenges faced by the companions so deeply rooted in the region's heritage and a passionate plea for their preservation.
Gardens in History Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
ISBN: 9781905119431
Pub Date: 30 Jun 2012
Imprint: Windgather Press
Over the past 50 years, the subject of garden history has been  firmly established as an academic discipline. While many have  explored what was created in gardens throughout history, the  reasons as to why they were created has naturally been more  diverse. Depending on the background of the author, the ideas  have ranged from aesthetic values deriving from art,  philosophical thoughts and ideas, social and even economic  forces. Occasionally some thought has been given to the influence  of political ideology such as the development of the English  landscape garden in the first half of the 18th century.  Gardens in History: A Political Perspective  looks at the creation of gardens elsewhere through a similar political 'lens' in order to  move debate away from portraying the motivation behind  'garden-making' merely as painting a picture with plants and  buildings. Gardens are looked at in relation to not only how they  are influenced by the political ideas of their creators but also  how the gardens themselves provide support and legitimacy to  those in government, either covertly or directly.   Each chapter explores in depth one particular garden that  demonstrates the ideas put forward. Topics covered include  ancient gardens as political expressions of power, with the case  study of Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli, Renaissance Italian gardens  and political ideology, demonstrated by Villa Pratolino, Florence  and absolutism and diplomacy in the French formal garden using  Versailles, Paris. Other overseas gardens examined are Taj Mahal, Agra and Katsura Rikyu, Koyoto. British gardens also reveal much  about the effects of politics on their creation; case studies  here are Stowe, Buckinghamshire, looking at the landscape garden  as a political tool for Whig England; Hackfall, Yorkshire and  picturesque debate as a political metaphor; Birkenheard Park,  Merseyside and 19th century public parks in British Reform  politics; Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and the politics of Empire;  and moving into the 20th century, Painshill, Surrey and socialist  politics and conservation.
A Veritable Eden'. The Manchester Botanic Garden Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
ISBN: 9781905119370
Pub Date: 15 Mar 2011
Imprint: Windgather Press
The Manchester Botanical and Horticultural Society was founded in 1827 to allow members the opportunity to study botany and horticulture and to create an ambience "not unlike a fashionable resort". Today the Garden is all but forgotten and only the former entrance gates and a street name remain. This book, illustrated with many contemporary engravings and postcards, charts the history of the Garden; its international reputation in horticultural developments and many floral triumphs; its recurrent financial crises and ultimate degeneration into a venue for cat and dog shows and final conversion to a doomed amusement park. Ann Brooks studied Pharmacy at Manchester University followed by a varied career in hospital pharmacy. Her great love of gardening and the history of the gardening movement led her to return to academia and she completed a PhD in 2007 on The Manchester Botanic Garden and the Movement for Subscription Botanic Gardens. She is the co-author of a number of papers on the history of Manchester and is currently writing a book on the movement for subscription botanic gardens and conducting research on Victorian villa gardens.
Extinctions and Invasions Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
ISBN: 9781905119318
Pub Date: 31 May 2010
Imprint: Windgather Press
Eight thousand years ago, when the sea cut Britain off from the rest of the Continent, the island's fauna was very different: most of the animals familiar to us today were not present, whilst others, now extinct, were abundant. Over the course of millennia humans have manipulated Britain's fauna. For reasons of fear, suspicion, desire, or simply inadvertently, certain species were brought to extinction. In their place new animals were introduced: some transported purposefully by invading populations, others sent as royal gifts from far off lands, whilst several species arrived as stowaways. The story of each is fascinating, telling of the changing and multi-layered relationship between humans and animals. Drawing on new research in the fields of archaeology, ecology and history, this book examines how human society, culture, diet, lifestyles and even whole landscapes were fundamentally shaped by the animal extinctions and introductions that occurred in Britain since the last Ice Age. In its 22 chapters a wide range of mammal, bird, fish, snail and insect species are considered. All of the chapters include new and original research presented by authors who are acknowledged experts on their specific topic. Extinctions and Invasions advances our understanding of Britain's natural history whilst dispelling the myths that have become established in both popular and academic literature. It is written in a style accessible to the general reader, whilst providing the depth of research needed by academic researchers. Extinctions and Invasions provides a valuable single source of information for archaeologists, natural historians and conservation biologists, as well as interested laypeople.
Tree-Rings, Kings and Old World Archaeology and Environment Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9781842173862
Pub Date: 13 Nov 2009
Imprint: Oxbow Books
The study of tree-rings (dendrochronology) provides a key resource for determining dates for archaeological and other contexts where wood/charcoal is present (and so cultural chronology), and for investigating past climate and environment. In the central and east Mediterranean region Peter Ian Kuniholm is synonymous with dendrochronology and dendroarchaeology. He led the creation of numerous tree-ring chronologies for the region (from forests, buildings, archaeological sites), and demonstrated the enormous potential and power of dendrochronology to a range of topics. This rich collection of papers by an international authorship, deriving from a conference held at Cornell University in honor of Peter Kuniholm, provides wide-ranging and up-to-date discussions and assessments on a number of key topics concerning the chronology and environment of the central to east Mediterranean and Near East and the field of dendrochronology. This includes controversy - with a set of papers addressing the current debate over the dating of the great Santorini/Thera volcanic eruption in the mid second millennium BC; and famous sites and finds, including a report on the absolute dating of the extraordinary Uluburun ship of the late 14th century BC, and papers concerned with the dating and interpretation of important sites and topics such as Gordion, Akrotiri on Thera, the rise and fall of the Hittite empire, and the Anatolian Iron Age. Other papers explore the history, scope and potential of dendrochronology in the Mediterranean region. The debate over what happened around AD536-540 gets a look in also, along with papers exploring the relevance of dendrochemical approaches to identifying past environmental events (such as major volcanic eruptions), and a review of work on timberline dynamics and climate change in Greece.
From Foragers to Farmers Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 298
ISBN: 9781842173541
Pub Date: 01 Aug 2009
Imprint: Oxbow Books
This volume celebrates the career of archaebotanist Professor Gordon C. Hillman. Twenty-eight papers cover a wide range of topics reflecting the great influence that Hillman has had in the field of archaeobotany. Many of his favourite research topics are covered, the body of the text being split into four sections: Personal reflections on Professor Hillman's career; archaeobotanical theory and method; ethnoarchaeological and cultural studies; and ancient plant use from sites and regions around the world. The collection demonstrates, as Gordon Hillman believes, that the study of archaebotany is not only valuable, but vital for any study of humanity.
Trees and Shrubs of Kentucky Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 592
ISBN: 9780813112947
Pub Date: 02 Dec 1994
Imprint: University Press of Kentucky
This authoritative volume provides a comprehensive guide to the 282 species of woody plants found in Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, and Eastern Missouri. Illustrated with more than 1,150 photographs, this book shows not only leaves and bark, but also buds, flowers, and fruits to enable you to recognize trees at any season. Complete with an identification guide that really works, this beautiful book will be valuable to both specialist and amateur.
An Archaeobotanical Guide to Root & Tuber Identification Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 154
ISBN: 9780946897551
Pub Date: 30 Jun 1993
Imprint: Oxbow Books
Series: JRPS
A visual index of photographs for identifying charred remains of roots and tubers from archaeological sites in Europe and the Near East. Although often present in archaeological deposits the charred remains of vegetative organs, roots, tubers, rhizomes and corns are rarely, or erratically, identified. This manual covers Europe and the Near East.
Vascular Plants Of Kentucky Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 200
ISBN: 9780813116754
Pub Date: 08 Apr 1992
Imprint: University Press of Kentucky
Kentucky has been a place of great botanical interest for many years. This comprehensive volume lists more than 3,000 plant species and varieties, with complete information on distribution in the state, and reveals the current condition of botanical knowledge on Kentucky flora.