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Do You Believe in Swedish Sin? Swedish Exploitation Film Posters 1951-1984 Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 384
ISBN: 9789198677201
Pub Date: 15 Apr 2021
Imprint: Eken Press
Swedish Exploitation Film Posters 1951 1984. So you thought that Swedish films were all about drama and anxiety? Think again! Klubb Super 8 has released vintage Swedish exploitation movies on VHS, DVD and BluRay, and collected tons of film posters during two decades. Here are 350 outrageous, sexy, violent, fun movie posters from the Fifties to the early Eighties! Swedish films of all kinds, whacky co-productions, exported Swedish babes, and international films using the words Sweden, Schweden, Svezia, Suède as selling points; if it was "Swedish" - it was sexy! You also get an entertaining history lesson on Swedish exploitation cinema, its major genres and personalities, like Christina Lindberg, Arne Mattsson, Mats Helge Olsson, Torgny Wickman, Joe Sarno, Calvin Floyd and Boarne Vibenius. Horror movies! Thrillers! Science fiction! Sex education! Artsploitation! Mondo movies! Sword and clogs! Lingonberry westerns! Nudies! Porn! Get ready for the roller coaster ride of your life!