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Albert de Belleroche - Master of Belle Epoque Lithography, A Catalogue Raisonné Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 240
ISBN: 9781739603335
Pub Date: 01 May 2024
Imprint: Liss Llewellyn Fine Art
For more than fifty years, George Kenney has dedicated himself to the study of European art, demonstrating a profound passion for works on paper, including etchings, drypoints, and lithographs. George authored a Catalogue Raisonné titled 'The Illustrated Bartsch, Vol. 51' for Abaris Books in 2017. This comprehensive work explores the etchings of Ferdinand Bol, a prominent 17th-century artist and student of Rembrandt. In 1990, George embarked on a 35-year journey, passionately studying and cataloging Belleroche's captivating lithographs, many of which were unpublished. In 2001, he collaborated with Steven Kern, curator of European art, to facilitate a significant exhibition of Belleroche’s lithographs at the San Diego Museum of Art, where he concurrently held a position as a Trustee. Additionally, George has a keen interest in 17 th century English clocks and has contributed articles to Antiquarian Horology on Daniel Quare, a renowned clockmaker of that era. George attributes his early love for art to his mother, Marguerite Shirley Kenney, who took him to many museums during his childhood. Now residing in San Diego, California, George's entrepreneurial spirit has driven him through diverse careers, including roles as an engineer, inventor, venture capitalist, and business coach. Alongside his wife, Olga, he actively participates in the Small Group and Marriage Ministries at Saddleback Church.