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What Price Hollywood? Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
ISBN: 9780813197029
Pub Date: 05 May 2024
Illustrations: 26 b&w halftones
During the early Hollywood sound era, studio director George Cukor produced nearly fifty films in as many years, famously winning the Best Director Oscar at the 1964 Academy Awards for My Fair Lady. His collaborations with so-called difficult actresses such as Katharine Hepburn, Judy Garland, and Marilyn Monroe unsettled producers even as his ticket sales lined their pockets. Fired from Gone with the Wind for giving Vivien Leigh more screen time than Clark Gable, Cukor quickly earned a double-sided reputation as a "woman's director.
#MeToo and Beyond Cover #MeToo and Beyond Cover
Pages: 248
ISBN: 9780813195599
Pub Date: 26 Jul 2022
Pages: 248
ISBN: 9780813195605
Pub Date: 26 Jul 2022
#NiUnaMenos#Aufschrei#LoSHA Before #MeToo became the massive global movement we know today, these were the hashtags that represented mobilisations from Ukraine to Latin America that demanded accountability for the intersecting experiences of sexual violence and racism, xenophobia, and misogyny inflicted on women, transgender people, and girls. Lead by activists such as Tarana Burke, who coined the phrase "me too," the movement provided a call to action for survivors across the world to speak out about their experiences. In #MeToo and Beyond, M.
Breaking Protocol Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 304
ISBN: 9780813178394
Pub Date: 21 Jan 2020
Series: Studies in Conflict, Diplomacy, and Peace
Illustrations: 10 b&w photos, 1 table
"It used to be," soon-to-be secretary of state Madeleine K. Albright said in 1996, "that the only way a woman could truly make her foreign policy views felt was by marrying a diplomat and then pouring tea on an offending ambassador's lap."This world of US diplomacy excluded women for a variety of misguided reasons: they would let their emotions interfere with the task of diplomacy, they were not up to the deadly risks that could arise overseas, and they would be unable to cultivate the social contacts vital to success in the field.
Gender in Jewish Studies Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 164
ISBN: 9781463240561
Pub Date: 17 Oct 2019
Imprint: Gorgias Press
Series: Melilah: Manchester Journal of Jewish Studies (1759-1953)
Volume 13 of Melilah, an interdisciplinary electronic journal concerned with Jewish law, history, literature, religion, culture and thought in the ancient, medieval and modern eras.
Gateway to Equality Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 294
ISBN: 9780813168838
Pub Date: 28 Jul 2017
Series: Civil Rights and the Struggle for Black Equality in the Twentieth Century
Illustrations: 11 b/w photos
Like most of the nation during the 1930s, St. Louis, Missouri, was caught in the stifling grip of the Great Depression. For the next thirty years, the "Gateway City" continued to experience significant urban decline as its population swelled and the area's industries stagnated.
The Dream Is Lost Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 360
ISBN: 9780813169484
Pub Date: 02 Jun 2017
Series: Civil Rights and the Struggle for Black Equality in the Twentieth Century
Illustrations: 13 b/w photos, 26 tables, 1 figure
Once the capital of the Confederacy and the industrial hub of slave-based tobacco production, Richmond, Virginia has been largely overlooked in the context of twentieth century urban and political history. By the early 1960s, the city served as an important center for integrated politics, as African Americans fought for fair representation and mobilized voters in order to overcome discriminatory policies. Richmond's African Americans struggled to serve their growing communities in the face of unyielding discrimination.
A Rape in the Early Republic Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 136
ISBN: 9780813169521
Pub Date: 21 Mar 2017
Series: New Directions in Southern History
Illustrations: 4 b&w photos, 2 maps
On January 14, 1806, Sidney Hanson was raped by John Deskins on a rough gravel path in the woods in Tazewell County, Virginia. In the early nineteenth century, trials for rape were rare. Scanty court records typically lacked the detail needed to reconstruct the lives of those involved and evaluate the social and physical setting of the crime.
Collaborative Heritage Management Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 254
ISBN: 9781463205706
Pub Date: 02 Mar 2016
Imprint: Gorgias Press
Series: Regenerating Practices in Archaeology and Heritage
In this volume, practitioners within archaeology, anthropology, urban planning, human geography, cultural resource management (CRM) and museology push the boundaries of traditional cultural and natural heritage management and reflect how heritage discourse is being increasingly re-theorised in term of experience.
A Medieval Woman's Companion Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
ISBN: 9781785700798
Pub Date: 30 Nov 2015
Imprint: Oxbow Books
Illustrations: black/white illustrations
What have a deaf nun, the mother of the first baby born to Europeans in North America, and a condemned heretic to do with one another? They are among the virtuous virgins, marvellous maidens, and fierce feminists of the Middle Ages who trail-blazed paths for women today. Without those first courageous souls who worked in fields dominated by men, women might not have the presence they currently do in professions such as education, the law, and literature.
Queer Crossings Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 195
ISBN: 9788857509396
Pub Date: 30 Sep 2014
Series: Sociology
The past decade has witnessed a proliferation of writings on queer theories and practices. Drawingtogether established and emerging scholars in the field, this volume offers a broad, transdisciplinaryand international approach to queer studies. In the light of recent critical perspectives, it proposes a number of theoretical developments concerning three key thematic fields: theories, bodies and texts.
Appalachian Women Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
ISBN: 9780813152479
Pub Date: 15 Jul 2014
Appalachian women have been the subject of song, story, and report for nearly two centuries. Now for the first time a fully annotated bibliography makes accessible this large body of literature. Works covered include novels, short stories, magazine articles, manuscripts, dissertations, surveys, and oral history tapes -- altogether over 1,200 items.
A Woman's Wage Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 196
ISBN: 9780813145136
Pub Date: 27 May 2014
Series: Blazer Lectures
In this updated edition of a groundbreaking classic, Alice Kessler-Harris explores the meanings of women's wages in the United States in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, focusing on three issues that capture the transformation of women's roles: the battle over minimum wage for women, which exposes the relationship between family ideology and workplace demands; the argument concerning equal pay for equal work, which challenges gendered patterns of self-esteem and social organization; and the debate over comparable worth, which seeks to incorporate traditionally female values into new work and family trajectories. Together, these topics illuminate the many ways in which gendered social meaning has been produced, transmitted, and challenged.
Women's Language Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 264
ISBN: 9789187121876
Pub Date: 19 Dec 2012
Is there a special niche reserved for women's language? This is the theory tested empirically by the authors of Women's language, by means of an exhaustive stylistic analysis of a voluminous body of letters written in five different languages -- Latin, English, German, French, and Swedish -- from medieval times through to the long eighteenth century. In a detailed investigation of style and expression, the authors have applied a number of advanced methods of study to pinpoint how women expressed themselves to other women and whether they addressed themselves differently to men.
Antrocom: Journal of Anthropology (Vol 7) Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 202
ISBN: 9781463202125
Pub Date: 03 Nov 2012
Imprint: Gorgias Press
Series: Antrocom: Journal of Anthropology
AOJA is an multilingual European project that collect studies in the fields of physical and cultural anthropology, and of the disciplines related to. It offers original researches by scholars of merit and young researchers, with particular attention to proposals by Asian and developing countries authors.
Arab and Jewish Women in Kentucky Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 228
ISBN: 9780813136219
Pub Date: 29 Jun 2012
Series: Kentucky Remembered: An Oral History Series
Illustrations: 31 b&w photos
Outwardly it would appear that Arab and Jewish immigrants comprise two distinct groups with differing cultural backgrounds and an adversarial relationship. Yet, as immigrants who have settled in communities at a distance from metropolitan areas, both must negotiate complex identities. Growing up in Kentucky as the granddaughter of Jewish immigrants, Nora Rose Moosnick observed this traditionally mismatched pairing firsthand, finding that, Arab and Jewish immigrants have been brought together by their shared otherness and shared fears.
Beeconomy Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 392
ISBN: 9780813134352
Pub Date: 25 Nov 2011
Illustrations: 42 b&w photos
Queen bee. Worker bees. Busy as a bee.