Histoire et Collections
Founded in 1984, Histoire & Collections is the leading publisher of French-language magazines in the fields of militaria and related hobbies. Producing hundreds of books in both English and French, H&C have gained a reputation for excellence, both in terms of the information their books contain and the unprecedented level of detail in their production. Although some books are only available in French, the wealth of high quality illustrations make them a valuable purchase for enthusiasts all over the world.
Essling Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 84
ISBN: 9782352500551
Pub Date: 16 May 2008
Series: Men & Battles
Illustrations: 100 illustrations, 3D maps
May 1809. After getting off to a thundering start with his campaign, Napoleon had to carry out a difficult military maneuver: crossing a river, in strength in full view of the enemy. The Austrians under Archduke Charles put up a vigorous resistance and together with the capricious River Danube contributed to the French Emperor's first defeat on the Continent.

Les Fortifications Allemandes

Format: Hardback
Pages: 200
ISBN: 9782352501428
Pub Date: 17 Mar 2008
Generaux De La Grande Guerre Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 64
ISBN: 9782352500414
Pub Date: 25 Jan 2008
Series: Les Armées de la Grande Guerre
Illustrations: colour and b/w throughout
This work offers thirty or so concise but precise biographies of French World War I Generals. All ranks of generals rub shoulders, from the simple brigadier to the generals destined to become Maréchals. Some are famous; others renowned in their time are now unknown to the general public.
Tiger I On The Eastern Front Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 144
ISBN: 9782352500308
Pub Date: 01 Jul 2007
Illustrations: 250 photographs
The Tiger tank endures today as the greatest legend of the German armored forces of World War II. Jean Restayn's text is backed up by 250 photographs, most of them never published before, and 50 color plates showing markings, insignia and camouflage schemes. Also included is a complete operational history and order of battle for all Eastern Front units, both Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS, who were equipped with the Tiger.
III. Pz. Korps At Kursk 1943 Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 128
ISBN: 9782915239843
Pub Date: 19 Mar 2007
Illustrations: full colour throughout
This book is the first in a new series devoted to German armored formations of World War II.Packed with full color images and a large amount of previously unpublished material, it is custom designed to appeal to modelers, AFV enthusiasts, and readers interested in Second World War technical history.The book traces the battle of Kursk and the involvement of the German Panzer Units, through first hand records.
S-Boote Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 144
ISBN: 9782352500193
Pub Date: 19 Jun 2006
Illustrations: ilustrated in colour and b/w
Too little has been written to date on Germany's "Schnellboote" in the Second World War. Known by the Allies as E-Boats (Enemy Boats) the S Boote played havoc on Allied naval operations in the English channel and elsewhere. Many of their captains were amongst the most decorated of any branch of the Kriegsmarine.
Encyclopaedia Of Soviet Fighters 1939-1951 Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9782915239607
Pub Date: 19 Aug 2005
Illustrations: Photos, line drawings and illustrations throughout
The Soviet aircraft industry of the 1940-1950 period has been incredibly productive, while Russian manufacturers, stimulated by the huge needs stressed by World War Two, competed with each other in design and creativeness. This book offers an exhaustive coverage, by chronological order which is one of its original features every single Soviet fighter of the period, from obscure projects which did no go off the drawing table, to the best known mass-produced models.
Normandy - First Victories Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 32
ISBN: 9782915239379
Pub Date: 19 Apr 2004
Series: Mini-Guides
Illustrations: full colour throughout
Each mini-guide allows the reader to get to know more about a region's history, linking historical events with places of interest and sites of note, as well as providing an unprecedented visual feast of contemporary photographs, uniforms, badges and equipment - all in full color. Practical information is included in each mini-guide and itineraries are suggested for those wishing to visit battlefields, monuments, memorials and museums. By the dawn of 7 June some 152,000 Anglo-American troops had set foot on the Normandy coast, testimony that the D-Day landings had been a success.
Special Forces Invasion France Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9782908182941
Pub Date: 27 Jan 2000
This work offers a history of the Special Operations which preceded and followed the Nazi invasion of France in 1940, and the work done by the Special Forces sent into France under cover by the Allies during the Occupation. The book details the intelligence missions, the work of the Resistance, including a record of the Combats de l'Ombre which harassed the enemy forces during the Occupation. The famous Allied secret services of World War II, the British SOE, the American OSS and the French BCRA.