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The Dover Bronze Age Boat in Context Cover
Format: Paperback
Pages: 152
ISBN: 9781842171394
Pub Date: 01 Jul 2004
Imprint: Oxbow Books
Illustrations: b/w illus
The discovery of the well preserved remains of a Bronze Age boat in Dover in 1992 was one of the most important post-war finds in Britain. The boat was of a stitched oak plank structure, and has been dated to 1550 BC. To mark the tenth anniversary of the boat's discovery, a conference was held in Dover in 2002.
Boats, Ships and Shipyards Cover Boats, Ships and Shipyards Cover
Pages: 400
ISBN: 9781842170939
Pub Date: 01 May 2003
Imprint: Oxbow Books
Illustrations: 323 b/w figs, 22 tables
Pages: 376
ISBN: 9781785704611
Pub Date: 15 Oct 2016
Imprint: Oxbow Books
From sewn planked boats in Early Dynastic Egypt to Late Roman wrecks in Italy, and the design of Venetian Merchant Galleys, this huge volume gathers together fifty-three papers presenting new research on the archaeology and history of ancient ships and shipbuilding traditions. The papers have been grouped into several thematic sections, including: ships of the Mediterranean; the reconstruction of ancient ships, from life-size reconstructions to computer models; the study of shipyards, shipsheds and slipways of the Mediterranean and Europe; Venetian Galleys of the 15th and 16th centuries; and North European medieval and post -medieval ships. These papers which were presented at the Ninth International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology (ISBSA), held in Venice 2000.
Ladby Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 293
ISBN: 9788785180445
Pub Date: 01 Dec 2001
Series: Ships & Boats of the North
Viking-Age Ships and Shipbuilding in Hedeby Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 322
ISBN: 9788785180308
Pub Date: 01 Dec 1996
Series: Ships & Boats of the North
Illustrations: 328 illus
Ships and shipbuilding were important elements of Viking culture and a precondition for trade, warfare and conquest. The important excavations at the Viking towns of Hedeby and Schleswig-Holstein revealed a rich body of finds of wrecks and parts of ships. This is a report on this material and also examines the role of the towns as ports and the role of trading in their development.
Building a Longboat Cover
Format: Hardback
Pages: 147
ISBN: 9788785180162
Pub Date: 01 Dec 1991
The craftsmanship of longboat-building is not something we can draw on today, so when the Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde wanted to look into this ancient skill, they needed to track down people who still had the tradition of boat-building in their culture. This book looks at the boat-building and culture of the Punan Bah people of Borneo and then puts the longboat in its wider cultural-historical perspective.