Poppy Iles

Pages of Healing: A Bookish Timeline of Historic Healthcare

Be it medicinal herbs or antibiotics, humans have been healing since there have been humans to heal. As we’re already Putting Science & Medicine Under the Microscope for #WorldHealthDay, why not supplement your knowledge with this globetrotting timeline inspired by just a few of our health-giving titles on the history of medicine?

Listen To Your Microbes: A Story of Connection, Collaboration and Creation!

Guest post by Laura Gowers, co-author of Listen to Your Microbes | 7 min read Most of life on Earth is invisible! We are, in fact, living in a microbial world, surrounded by trillions of microscopic creatures. They are all around us, in the air we breathe, the water we drink; they are in us… Read More »Listen To Your Microbes: A Story of Connection, Collaboration and Creation!

Verse Voyage: 10 Poetic Picks to Celebrate #NationalPoetryDay

The first Thursday of October is Forward Arts Foundation’s #NationalPoetryDay! NPD was founded to foster a love of language and acknowledge the value of verse in our society, whether it be for self-expression, cultivating understanding and connection, or simply for the sake of lavish lyricism. Since we’re not full-time rhymers, we’ve decided to mark the… Read More »Verse Voyage: 10 Poetic Picks to Celebrate #NationalPoetryDay

SNEAK PEEK—Belle Nash and the Bath Circus

In William Keeling’s series, The Gay Street Chronicles, Belle Nash is a gay hero in Regency Bath. At the end of his last adventure, Belle Nash was banished for four years to the island of Grenada. It is now 1835, and Belle has returned to Bath, glad to be back but pained by the absence of his most recent Caribbean love…