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The Real Treasure of Tutankhamun

Uncovering a Wealth of Information Using Everyday Objects The tomb of Tutankhamun, opened up by Howard Carter and his team in November 1922, is the only “essentially intact” pharaoh’s tomb to have been found. However the glittering golden artefacts discovered within this royal resting place may have blinded people to the importance of the scientific… Read More »The Real Treasure of Tutankhamun

Pages of Healing: A Bookish Timeline of Historic Healthcare

Be it medicinal herbs or antibiotics, humans have been healing since there have been humans to heal. As we’re already Putting Science & Medicine Under the Microscope for #WorldHealthDay, why not supplement your knowledge with this globetrotting timeline inspired by just a few of our health-giving titles on the history of medicine?

Bringing Past Invisible Economic Processes to Light

‘Reduce, Re-use, Recycle’. A much older concept than you might expect… In this blog, Julia Steding sheds light on what sustainable practices can tell us about past societies, revealing some of the surprising ways in which objects were kept in the economic cycle, and encouraging a shift in research agendas. By Julia Steding, co-editor of… Read More »Bringing Past Invisible Economic Processes to Light

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A Conversation with Richard Osgood

We were recently fortunate enough to sit down for a conversation with Richard Osgood, author of Broken Pots, Mending Lives, which tells the story of Operation Nightingale, the groundbreaking wellbeing initiative using archaeology to help veterans on their journeys to recovery. Scroll down to discover what led Richard to become an archaeologist, learn more about… Read More »A Conversation with Richard Osgood