Season’s Seasonings: 8 Cookbooks for Festive Flavours, Flutes & Cocktails 🎄

“Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents,” so says Little Women’s Jo March. But Christmas really won’t be Christmas without family, friends, and of course… food. This year, we invite you to embark on a gastronomic adventure with a collection of Christmas cookbooks that go beyond the ordinary.

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Festive Ukranian Cooking

Marta Farley

9780822936466 | Hardback | Find out more

Step into the heart of Ukrainian culture with Marta Farley’s Festive Ukrainian Cooking. More than a cookbook, this culinary journey is also a definitive account of traditional Ukrainian culture as perpetuated in family rituals and lovingly celebrated with elegantly prepared food and drink.

The Cake Cookbook

Hannah Grant

9798887570556 | Hardback | Find out more

What’s Christmas without cake? Well, now you can have your cake and eat your veggies too. Designed for endurance training, social events, and fussy eaters, The Cake Cookbook is the sacred text for learning how to bake irresistible cakes with vegetables that are made and polished off by athletes and families alike. With delicious treats that are gluten free, dairy free, and without added sugars, you’ll never look at a carrot, sweet potato, beet, or celeriac the same way ever again!

The Blue Ribbon Cook Book

Jennie C Benedict

9780813195339 | Paperback | Find out more

It’s time for Christmastime comfort food with Jennie C. Benedict and The Blue Ribbon Cook Book. Representing the very best in the tradition of southern regional cooking, recipes for such classic dishes as Parker House rolls, lamb chops, corn pudding, Waldorf salad, and cheese and nut sandwiches are nestled among longtime local favorites such as apple butter, rice pudding, griddle cakes, and Benedictine, the cucumber sandwich spread that bore Benedict’s name.

The Beer Cheese Book

Garin Pirnia

9780813174662 | Hardback | Find out more

Beer. Cheese. Beer cheese. Fuse the very best of festive foodstuffs with Garin Pirnia as she traces the history of beer cheese from its beginnings to today, situating it alongside other dishes such as the German cheese spread obatzda, queso dip, and pimento cheese. She surveys the restaurants that serve this distinctive dip, highlights points of interest along the Beer Cheese Trail, and includes dozens of recipes, from the classic original, to new twists like Pawpaw Beer Cheese, to dishes that incorporate the spread, such as Crab Broccoli, Beer Cheese Casserole, and Beer Cheese Buttermilk Biscuits.

The New Grand Tour Cookbook 2

Hannah Grant

9788794190206 | Hardback | Find out more

Race ahead of the New Year’s resolution rush! On your marks, get set, and go into a new era of nutrition with the new edition of a modern classic. With more than 120 cycling-tuned recipes and brand-new interviews with the best riders of the peloton, The New Grand Tour Cookbook 2 is the ultimate companion in the kitchen for athletes serious about nutritional intake.

Bourbon Is My Comfort Food

Heather Wibbels

9780813186894 | Hardback | Find out more

Confront the winter cold with a warming bourbon beverage. From building your home bar to basics on cocktail technique, Heather Wibbels showcases classic bourbon cocktails like the Old Fashioned, the Manhattan, Whiskey Sours, Highballs, Juleps and more in approachable ways. She even includes Cocktail Labs, experiments to explore classic cocktail elements and play with flavors, textures, infusions, syrups and garnishes. With over 140 recipes, this book is more than a cocktail recipe book—it’s a primer on manipulating flavors and balance in whiskey cocktails.


Spain’s Premium Sparkling Wine

Anna Wallner

9781908233127 | Hardback | Find out more

Add some more sparkle to your Christmas this year! This book offers a great overview of the Cava’s origins, its elaboration, and its variety of tastes. You will learn all you need to know about the grapes, the traditional methods, as well as established and emerging premium Cava producers. Recipes of traditional Catalonian dishes that perfectly accompany a Cava dinner round off this concise but very informative book.

The Little Book of Whiskey Cocktails

Bryan Paiement

9780813195469 | Hardback | Find out more

One for the whiskey lovers. The Little Book of Whiskey Cocktails sets out to share the stories of the wide whiskey-making world and recipes suitable for whiskey drinkers of all expertise levels. Twenty classic whiskey cocktail recipes and twenty original recipes follow in this pocket-sized gift book. Each carefully curated recipe is introduced with details on the cocktail’s origins and concluded with bartenders’ tips for shaking (or stirring) the perfect concoction.

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