Ancient History

Pages of Healing: A Bookish Timeline of Historic Healthcare

Be it medicinal herbs or antibiotics, humans have been healing since there have been humans to heal. As we’re already Putting Science & Medicine Under the Microscope for #WorldHealthDay, why not supplement your knowledge with this globetrotting timeline inspired by just a few of our health-giving titles on the history of medicine?

Upcoming Autumn Books for Your Rainy Day Reading Nook 🍂

It’s been a very autumnal summer here in the UK — now, it’s time to prepare for the real thing. But as they seasons change, so too do bookshelves. Stockpile for the cool breeze and falling leaves by pre-ordering a pile of shiny new books. (And it’s not like we’re biased or anything, but here are a few that we just can’t wait for!)

History’s Unsung Hero II: Pertinax, Rome’s Slave Emperor

When we think of ancient Rome, we think of Caesar, Aeneas and Augustus. Today, we’re giving long overdue attention to Pertinax, the slave who became the emperor of Rome. Here, Simon Elliot, author of the upcoming Old Testament Warriors, explains how his three month stint on the throne changed the face of the empire forever.… Read More »History’s Unsung Hero II: Pertinax, Rome’s Slave Emperor