Pages of Healing: A Bookish Timeline of Historic Healthcare

Be it medicinal herbs or antibiotics, humans have been healing since there have been humans to heal. As we’re already Putting Science & Medicine Under the Microscope for #WorldHealthDay, why not supplement your knowledge with this globetrotting timeline inspired by just a few of our health-giving titles on the history of medicine, from the Greco-Roman era right up to the clinical care of today? (And just in case you’re feeling under the weather, we’re offering 25% off these books and more until 30th April!)

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Greco-Roman Regimens

Greco-Roman Medicine and What It Can Teach Us Today

Nick Summerton

Hardback | 9781526752871 | £25.00 £18.75 | Find out more

There can be little doubt that the Romans experienced many of the illnesses that are still encountered today, and individuals have always had to decide how best to deal with their health-related concerns. Drawing on ancient literature supplemented with evidence from archaeology, paleopathology, epigraphy and numismatics, this book focuses on Greco-Roman medicine as it was practised during the Pax Romana, the effectiveness of approaches to both preventing and treating a range of physical and psychological problems, and the continuing relevance of Greco-Roman medicine today.

Greek and Roman Medicine at the British Museum

The Instruments and Accoutrements of Ancient Medicine

Ralph Jackson

Paperback | 9780861592326 | £40.00 £30.00 | Find out more

Strategies for the preservation of health and for the prevention and treatment of illness and disease have been discerned in the surviving written records and material remains of most societies since earliest times. Compared to the prehistoric past the evidence for the ancient Greek and Roman periods is comparatively full, though still sparse or lacking in some key areas. Most accounts of the history of Greek and Roman medicine are based on ancient medical texts. As a study of the subject through its material remains, this book will be a unique and major contribution to the understanding of ancient medical implements and surgical instruments, of surgery, and of the history of medicine.

Ancient Mediterranean Medicine

Medicine and Healing in the Ancient Mediterranean World

Edited by Demetrios Michaelides

Hardback | 9781782972358 | £65.00 £48.75 | Find out more

There are many recoverable aspects and indications concerning medicine and healing in the ancient past—from the archaeological evidence of skeletal remains, grave-goods comprising medical and/or surgical equipment and visual representations in tombs and other monuments thorough to epigraphic and literary sources. The 42 papers presented here cover many aspects medicine in the Mediterranean world during Antiquity and early Byzantine times, bringing together both internationally established specialists on the history of medicine and researchers in the early stages of their career. 

American Revolutionary Remedies

The Fevered Fight

Medical History of the American Revolution

Martin R. Howard

Hardback | 9781399084826 | £25.00 £18.75 | Find out more

The American Revolutionary War was a conflict of global significance. It had a profound influence on the history of the United States, Britain and the wider world, and an enormous body of literature has been devoted to the subject. Yet there is no comprehensive account of the military medicine practised during the war, which is why this thorough, graphic and highly readable study by Martin Howard is so timely and valuable. His account describes the medical story of the War between Lexington and Yorktown in absorbing detail. He covers the key military events, the medicine and surgery of the period, and the medical departments of the opposing armies.

Nineteenth-Century Cures

Imperial Bodies in London

Empire, Mobility, and the Making of British Medicine, 1880–1914

Kristin D. Hussey

Hardback | 9780822946861 | £39.50 £29.63 | Find out more

Since at least the eighteenth century, European administrators and officers, military men, soldiers, missionaries, doctors, wives, and servants moved back and forth between Britain and its growing imperial territories. With their minds enervated by the sun, livers disrupted by the heat, and blood teeming with parasites, these patients brought the empire home and, in doing so, transformed medicine in Britain. With Imperial Mobilities, Kristin Hussey offers a postcolonial history of medicine in London.

Contemporary Care

Contemporary Public Health

Principles, Practice, and Policy

Edited by James W. Holsinger & F. Douglas Scutchfield

Paperback | 9780813180779 | £27.00 £20.25| Find out more

“Public health” refers to the management and prevention of disease within a population by promoting healthy behaviors and environments in an effort to create a higher standard of living. In this comprehensive volume, editor James W. Holsinger Jr. and an esteemed group of scholars and practitioners offer a concise overview of this burgeoning field, emphasizing that the need for effective services has never been greater.

A Nurse’s Life

Caring from the Cradle to the Grave

Geralyn Hynes

Paperback | 9781739789220 |£17.95 £13.46 | Find out more

A Nurse’s Life tells the remarkable story of one woman’s devotion to a life of care in the medical profession. Beginning her career as a midwife, Geralyn later became an authority in palliative care, but throughout her goal has always been about understanding what it means to truly care for another person. That is precisely what she does in this book: portray the essence of nursing.

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